10 Simple Employee Recognition Ideas When “Thank You” is simply not enough

Keeping your team happy and motivated should be high on your priority list – especially if you want them to stick around. Studies show that 82% of employees They are happier when they are recognized at work, and 63% of regularly recognized team members say they are less likely Find another job.

Employee retention aside, your team appreciates Also increases productivity And busyness. And while a simple “thank you” always goes a long way, there are many simple ways to give extra encouragement and recognition.

Here are 10 we love:

1. Find out what ticks them

Recognition may look different to different team members. So, it is important to learn and understand

Which inspires every employee.

An easy way to “read the room” is to create an employee survey. See our article For a simple 4-step process and template.

Once you know what each team member appreciates the most, set up a few ‘acknowledgment’ buckets with each person’s name so you can look back when you say “great work.”

2. Remember their anniversaries

Recognizing work anniversaries is an easy way for you to appreciate the hard work of your employees year after year. Set up a calendar to keep track of when everyone started so you can remember that special day

Also, call it your own Team communication Platform so everyone can celebrate together. You can also give small gifts like extra discounts for your product, free lunch or even something cheap but fun, like lottery tickets.

3. Give out a scream

If your rewarding employee enjoys the spotlight, public praise will be well received. A business-wide meeting or acknowledging achievements on your social media pages will probably boost everyone’s morale.

It also sends messages to the rest of your employees that you notice and appreciate the extra effort. But this is a case where it pays to know the personality of your employee – some people will like nothing more than singing their praises from the roof, while others will like something less important.

In the Homebase app, Scream out Make it easy for everyone – managers and employees alike – to recognize each other when they go up and out.

4. Let them control the playlist

Reward someone for their positive attitude with the opportunity to continue the good vibe. Take a day off from worrying about the tone of the workplace and hand over control to a high-performance employee.

Tip: Before awarding this prize, invite everyone to submit their standard playlist. That way, you can be ready to go when the time comes – and make sure you have some time to make sure no song fits your space. It’s also an easy way to get to know your team a little better!

5. Start a peer-driven nomination program

A “Best Employee of the Month” Programs are nothing new, but sometimes such recognition can make even more money when it comes to peers. Ask your staff to keep an eye on the star colleagues and ask everyone to submit their nominations at the end of each month.

Such recognition will increase interaction between employees and help create a more positive culture, which is always an added bonus.

6. Give a surprise gift

Of course, everyone is accustomed ‘Best Employee of the Month’ Rewards, but an unexpected compliment bomb can sometimes be more impressive. Who doesn’t love an unexpected gift for being a great employee?

Surprising praise can also be given to your team as a whole. Maybe your sales for the month were exceptionally high, or maybe employees achieved a new goal faster than expected. Such wins deserve a free treat from your local cookie shop or a mini-celebration like a Team Happy Hour.

7. Special Assignment Award

Sometimes, a new and exciting project is the best reward for star staff. While it may seem strange to reward good employees with more work, chances are they will appreciate your confidence in their abilities.

Giving your best chefs a chance to redesign your lunch menu will, for example, strengthen your appreciation for their knowledge and abilities. This is a great way to hand over responsibilities and manage your own workload – your whole team will benefit

8. Offer flexible schedule

Another easy way to show your gratitude is through Priority employee schedule. Many team members value flexible working hours, According to a recent Homebase survey. Give them the option to trade shifts and update their availability with minimal amount of notice.

Other workers may prefer stability over flexibility – especially if they have a family. For them, publishing their schedule weeks in advance will add a little forecast to their lives and their salaries.

9. Help them recharge

Mental health is seen as a high priority for 50% of employees, According to a recent study. Give qualified team members a chance to recharge by creating a “Health Menu” that they can choose from, such as:

  • Massage
  • Pass yoga or dance class
  • Reflexology
  • Cooking class

You can also set a budget and allow them to pick a wellness activity of their choice.

10. Be specific

Instead of saying “thank you for what you do”, explain why you are thanking them. Thus recognizing what kind of behavior drive your team can make internally. This is the easiest way to reward good behavior and make sure your employees know exactly where to direct their efforts.

From screaming out Flexible scheduleHomebase provides the tools you need to not only recognize your team to perform well but also keep them. Happy, inspired and successful.

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