3 Tips for Communicating with Different Personality Types on Your Team

Effective leadership requires solid communication. But it’s not always cut and dried—especially when you’ve got a variety of personalities on your team.

It takes time to understand people and how they learn and develop. But with a little extra effort and focus, you can adapt your leadership and communication style to your team’s needs.

Here, Kenya Stubblefield, an 11-year veteran of retail management and general manager of retail store Forth & Nomad, shares her tried-and-true tips.

1. Ask in advance to understand

Kenya focuses on figuring out how to talk to team members as she begins work.

“It’s important to me that I sit down with each of my employees and understand where they’re going, where they’ve come from and what their love language is,” she says. “How do they like to talk? There are some people who enjoy fluffer words. There are a few that I want to give them directly. So understanding what they want and how I can accommodate it is very important.”

2. Tailor your approach

Kenya says she learned the hard way that different people and personalities require different methods of communication.

“It was good, okay. I’m communicating with you, but it doesn’t resonate. So maybe you don’t understand that kind of communication. Let me try that. And it’s just learning how to communicate on different levels. Everybody’s a fluffer. No, not everyone likes things that have spots. Everyone is different.”

Here are some good resources that can help you identify and effectively communicate with different personality types within your own organization:

3. Get feedback

Successful communication with any person takes practice and adaptation. Once you’ve tried different methods, ask for feedback on what they like and how you can improve.

“Being able to receive and respond is important,” Kenya says. “That’s how you build a team. This is how you grow your team. And that’s how you become a good manager. I ask for feedback on a consistent basis. I still have a lot to do.”

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