5 Easy Ways to Drive Employees Happy Using Team Homebase

Happy parties are faithful teams. And our customers often say that they are easy to keep Homebase app Towards them.

So, we’ve sat down with three great business owners and employees to give you insights into how they’re using Homebase for free. Employee happiness tools For team culture and retention.

1. There are no surprises for a good work-life balance

The mother-daughter team uses Val and Joey Jackson, co-owners of Horizon Beauty Bar and Boutique in Durham, North Carolina. Homebase schedule To balance work-life and help their team plan ahead for their shifts.

“I’ve worked for many places that were still sending texts on Sunday nights about next week’s schedule,” Joey said. “And we were able to make our schedule about a month ago. So it is no wonder that employees are very clear in their schedule for the whole month and they have to work on Monday night and Monday morning. “

The pair say their team also likes that they can check their schedule anytime, anywhere on the Homebase app – and can easily take a break knowing it’s always up to date.

2. Easy shift trade for hassle-free coverage and communication

Homebase has given their team a completely different way of communicating – saving everyone time and hassle when it comes down to it, says Kenya Stablefield, general manager of Forth & Nomad, a retail shop in Houston. Change changeSpecifically.

Kenya says, “The rule here is that if you need to stop requesting – or if you are scheduled and something happens that you have to change days – I am the last person you talk to,” says Kenya. “You have to communicate with your team first. And Homebase gives them the ability to see who’s on their schedule. ”

Beauty specialist Selina, a hairdresser, says this is one of her favorite features. “I like the ability to request and change shifts and be able to chat,” says Selina “Everyone is there, and communication is easy.”

3. Earnings transparency (and progress) for team peace of mind

Mersea Restaurant on Treasure Island in San Francisco uses Homebase to give their team full visibility on their shifts, hours and pay checks.

“Everything we do as homebase managers is employee-centric,” said co-owner MeeSun Boice. “It lets our employees know if we’ve adjusted their time so they have clarity on what we’re doing with them. Timesheet And they can see how many hours they have in total. ”

“I see how much I get paid, and it excites me,” adds Mercy Baker Evelyn. “I don’t have to wait two whole weeks to see. And then if something goes wrong, I can tell them to fix it, so it really helps. ”

Hairizon beauty specialist Braille especially likes that she doesn’t have to wait until pay-day to see the money she’s made.

“I love it Cash out feature“Life is life, so it’s great to have access to your funds first,” he says.

4. Tools to set up your team for a success

Managers at Forth & Nomad rely on Homebase to prepare their team for their shifts, which they say helps create a positive workplace culture.

General Manager Kenya said, “It makes things a lot easier for our staff to put things in different notes for what they will do that day.” “So, whenever they go in, they don’t say: ‘What am I doing today?’ It’s important to be able to include those messages as I’m scheduling each team member. “

Of course, just as important as knowing what you will do, with whom you will do it, says Fourth and Nomad Team Lead Andrea.

“I like to be able to look at my schedule and see who I’m working with on a specific date,” he says. “I want to mentally prepare myself for the kind of personality I’m going to change, and Homebase helps me do that.”

5. Scream out for a good job

Studies show that 82% of employees They are happier when they are recognized at work and 63% of regularly recognized team members say they are less likely Find another job – Homebase users avail statistics are not lost Scream out Recognize staff milestones, contributions, and promotions.

Take it from two esteemed employees:

“All badge notifications that say, ‘You’ve been with the company for nine months,’ are a good reminder,” said Hairizon beauty specialist Braille. “Sometimes when you do so much in life, you forget.”

“Whenever an employee is promoted, everyone will see a change of title in the app,” added Forth & Nomad General Manager Kenya. “So there’s recognition.”

Want to increase the happiness of your small business employees – and attract and retain top talent? From building trust and transparency to offering easy advance payments to your team, Homebase It can help make your place a great place to workk. Get started today for free!

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