Good communication is key to any successful business, but it’s especially important in the beauty industry.

Poor communication with clients can land you in hot water because if you misunderstand what they want, you may disappoint them. with results. But when customers feel comfortable communicating freely, they can clearly explain what they want and enjoy the whole salon experience.

Effective communication matters for your employees as well. When team members speak openly with each other and with management, there is more transparency and less conflict in the workplace.

So, how can you improve communication in your salon?

We’ve put together our top five tips for salon owners to foster better communication with their client base. We’ll also dig into why creating a culture of communication is so important for your salon team.

5 tips for good communication in a salon

If you can’t communicate well with your clients, you won’t be able to deliver the results they want. They will leave unsatisfied and unlikely to return.

Clients don’t just go to the salon for a haircut – they come to the hairdresser for a relaxing, fun experience. And if you can build a relationship with them, you’ll likely have a customer for years to come.

Conversation is all part of the salon environment — clients expect a friendly, welcoming environment and need to feel comfortable explaining and responding to what they want.

Good communication can prevent accidents before they happen, so as a salon manager, you need to make sure you and your staff are following best practices when interacting with clients.

Here are our top five tips for good communication in your salon:

  • Be polite and professional
  • Start the conversation
  • ask questions
  • Don’t talk too much
  • Be a good listener

Be polite and professional

Always be polite and professional when you are doing your client’s hair, especially when they are visiting your salon for the first time.

Focus on what they want to achieve and answer any questions or doubts they may have.

Offer your professional advice to help them choose their favorite hair color or hairstyle.

Start the conversation

If you go straight to work in silence, your clients may feel awkward or bored, especially if the treatment takes time.

Hairstylists should take the initiative and start the conversation. New clients may feel shy at first, but a light conversation will help them relax and trust you. Make eye contact, and make sure your body language is open and friendly.

Ask open-ended questions

If you’re not sure what to tell clients, just ask. Avoid heavy subjects (Politics and religion are off the table)But the right light questions will get your clients chatting.

Ask about their weekend plans, their hobbies and whether they have holidays or have any special events coming up and pay attention to their answers.

As you get to know your clients, it will be easier to strike up a conversation whenever you see them.

Don’t talk too much

Remember, clients come to your salon to feel pampered. So while they might be interested in telling you all about their upcoming trip to Thailand or their best friend’s wedding this weekend, They may not be so excited to hear all your news.

Of course, you can talk about yourself, just don’t overdo it and try to keep the focus on them. If you sense that your client is not in the mood for a chat and would rather just relax, respect that and don’t try to force the conversation.

Be a good listener

Salon staff must have good listening skills.

First, you need to listen carefully to what clients want, even when they aren’t doing a good job of explaining it. Sometimes people have unrealistic explanations (Make me look like Jennifer Lawrence!) Or want something you know won’t be good for them (My jet black hair was bleached platinum blonde!) You need to listen and interpret their wishes to deliver the results they want.

You need to listen to customers while they are in the chair. Non-verbal communication counts too, so make sure your body language is open and receptive, and your facial expressions convey that you’re listening and interested in what they have to say.

Back-of-house communication is also important for salons

Salon teams are often diverse bunches of creative workers, which can sometimes lead to personality clashes. But a team with excellent communication skills can resolve conflicts and defuse any tension quickly.

Employees must be able to communicate with each other and with management. When it comes Team communicationWe believe there are three best practices that can help you get it right:

  • Set a communication policy
  • Make it easy for team members to communicate
  • Ensure that teams do not discuss work matters in front of clients

Set a communication policy

Create a set of rules and regulations for communication.

For starters, ban offensive or offensive language in the salon — both in front of clients and in the break room.

In addition to ensuring that your employees behave professionally in front of clients, it is important that all employees feel safe and that you avoid any bullying.

Make it easy for team members to communicate

Encourage your team members to talk to each other about work and when they need a favor, such as a shift swap. It helps to have a dedicated tool for work chat — in the next section, we’ll discuss how Homebase can provide this.

Management does not have to be included in employee conversations, but have some rules in place so that managers are notified when employees are transferred.

Communication channels at work will keep your business running smoothly, as well as growing Employee happiness and team spirit.

Ensure that teams do not discuss work matters in front of clients

Tell your employees that they should not discuss salary, vacation pay, or other work matters in front of clients, and that they must avoid speaking disparagingly about other employees, managers, or clients.

Make these guidelines clear in your communications policy.

Good communication software for salons

Ideally, your salon should have a dedicated tool for all internal communication between salon employees and managers.

That’s where Homebase comes in. Our app helps small business owners run their companies more smoothly, and with our communication platform, you can foster a healthy relationship between employees and unite them as a team.

Use of Homebase communication toolsYou can:

  • Create a dedicated space where all work conversations take place. There will be no confusion, missed messages, or disputes about what was said.
  • Message individuals, groups or your entire company at once. You can easily send a quick group message to employees who are working today or available for a shift tomorrow.
  • Automatically send shift reminders and schedule updates. This helps reduce delays and no-shows.
  • Let employees manage shift swaps among themselves. All you need to do is final approval.

Enhancing team spirit. Encourage employees to chat about work and congratulate each other on performance.

Other useful tools for the salon

Homebase is more than just a messaging app.

We help you manage every aspect of your business, saving you time and stress and supporting you as you grow.

Here are some other ways Homebase can help you run your business.

Scheduling software

of home base Scheduling tool Work hard outside the schedule and let you automate the process with templates and avoid conflicts.

Your salon team will always have access to an up-to-date schedule in the Homebase app and will be notified when any changes are made. As a manager, you’ll want to know if employees see these changes as well.

Shift reminders also ensure employees know when to arrive, and you can adjust schedules on the fly as needed. So, if you suddenly get a lot of booking requests, you can post a shift to demand employees.

Payroll software

Payroll Management Homebase is easy for your hourly employees.

Our tool instantly converts hours worked to wages, as well as tracks overtime and holiday pay. Instead of spending hours manually entering data and calculating payroll taxes and deductions, the app does it and submits it for you.

You can also stop worrying about whether you’re paying the right amount of tax and make more accurate predictions for the future of your business with automated payroll with Homebase.

Build team spirit through communication with homebase

Good communication in your hair salon will help you gain the trust of your clients. They will feel comfortable, heard and respected whether they are describing the look they want or just chatting with their hairstylist.

Effective communication also ensures that team members know exactly what is expected of them. This results in fewer misunderstandings because everything is open, and there is a strong team spirit and feeling that everyone is working towards the same goal — A successful salon business.

Homebase can help you achieve this by making team communication simple and transparent. Our solution gives you the control you need as a manager but also the ability to step back and allow the tool (and your staff) Manage things like scheduling and changeovers.

Salon Contact FAQs

How do you teach employees good communication skills?

To teach employees to communicate well, you need to lead by example. Don’t do things that go against your own rules, such as talking about work in front of clients or using offensive language.

Make sure you have written communication guidelines and that everyone understands and agrees to follow them.

How do you improve client communication with salon staff?

Make sure clients feel comfortable as soon as they walk into your salon. Ask lots of questions and be sure to reassure them if they have doubts.

Your staff should initiate conversations with clients and be prepared to listen without talking too much about themselves.

Does Homebase have a team communication app?

Yes. With Homebase, you can manage your entire team’s communications, including individual and group messages, and send automated messages when schedules change.

Homebase helps keep your team in sync and up-to-date with everything that’s going on, and helps keep employees engaged and feeling part of a valued team.

Ready to make communicating with clients and staff a breeze? Try Homebase for free.

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