A guide to the future of virtual meetings and events

Marketing Podcast with Mark Killens

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Mark Killens. Mark CMO of AirMeet, a leading virtual and hybrid event platform He oversees Airmeet’s global marketing team responsible for brand, demand, lifecycle and product marketing.

Key takeaways:

Although virtual events and meetings were a product of the pandemic, it’s safe to say they’re here for the foreseeable future even as we inch toward a return to normalcy. In this episode, I spoke with Airmeet’s CMO, Mark Kilens, about the state of virtual meetings and events today, what innovations are needed to drive greater engagement, and where the future of such virtual connections is headed.

Questions I ask Mark Killens:

  • [1:10] What is Airmeet?
  • [2:07] How would you describe the state of virtual meetings today?
  • [3:29] How do you think augmented reality will play out in virtual events?
  • [4:33] I’m talking to a lot of people now who are sick of Zoom, TV, these kinds of virtual meetings — is that a function of the technology or a function of how people are using it?
  • [7:00] Many people make the mistake of taking events and putting them online and changing the way they present to a virtual audience — would you say there’s a difference between how you should present?
  • [8:03] Is Airmeet doing anything to solve that problem?
  • [10:28] What are some best practices and tips for getting engagement during virtual events?
  • [12:48] Should these practices be done in our meetings?
  • [14:23] Is there a sweet spot for how many people should be in attendance for a virtual event?
  • [18:40] What do you think is the future of the big event you mentioned?
  • [19:19] Do you think we will be in this hybrid land for the foreseeable future?
  • [21:43] Where can people connect with you?

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