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In this episode of Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I’m interviewing AJ Harper. AJ An editor and publishing strategist who helps writers write basic Books that enable them to build their readership, enhance their brand and make a significant impact in the world. As a ghostwriter and developmental editor, he has worked with newcomers to the New York Times bestselling authors where millions of books have been sold. Writes AJ Business Writer Mike Michalowicz Partner. They have written nine books together, including Love First, The Pumpkin Plan, Fix This Next, and their latest, very different. Now he has his own book- Write a must-read: Create a book that changes lives সহ including your own.

Key Takeaway:

How do you write a book that delights readers? The answer to this question follows a simple, but powerful philosophy: the reader first. When you learn how to put your readers first in every stage of book development, writing, and editing, you can build the connections and trust needed to change their lives. In this episode, AJ Harper shares his proven methods and framework that he has used to write and edit perennial bestsellers for nearly two decades. It is not an easy way or a quick way; This is the effective way. Pay to do this important work: a must-read book, and a huge readership that serves as your message and your brand’s ambassador.

Questions I ask AJ Harper:

  • [2:04] Why the idea that a book is like a business card and everyone needs a silly idea?
  • [3:58] Is there a system for writing a good book?
  • [6:32] Can You Unpack Transformational Reader Order Ideas From Your Book?
  • [7:44] How would you trust someone in the book you are writing?
  • [11:01] What role do certificates play when you don’t have them?
  • [13:00] What Makes a Book Transform?
  • [14:00] How do you apply the “City First Drafts” concept?
  • [16:35] Are you a fan of self-publishing or traditional publishing?
  • [18:11] What is the route of self-publication?
  • [19:33] The editing process is probably the most difficult part of the connection – how do you do it as an editor?
  • [21:23] I can see that I don’t have the crisp grammar as an editor, so where’s the fine line with this kind of thing when trying to be authentic?
  • [23:18] Can you share with people how they can work with you and the course you mentioned?

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