Adventures of the best negotiators in the world

Marketing Podcast with Rich Cohen

In this episode of Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Rich Cohen. Rich New York Times-bestselling author of several books on Tough Jews, Monsters, Suites, and Lowe’s. He is the co-producer of the HBO series Vinyl and a contributing editor of Rolling Stone. The rich have oneThe title of the book is The Adventures of Herbie Cohen: The World’s Greatest Negotiator.

Key Takeaway:

Herbie Cohen is known for many things – the world’s greatest negotiator, contract maker, risk taker, president and corporation adviser, hostage and arms negotiator, educator and justice seeker, author of How-to-Business Classic You can discuss anything and of course, the father of the rich Cohen. In this episode, I talk to Rich Cohen about his recent book, which honors his dad, and the biggest lessons of his life he shared with him – The Adventures of Herbie Cohen: The Best Negotiator in the World.

The questions I ask Rich Cohen:

  • [1:35] Your father was probably the author of ‘You Can Negotiate Anything’. Would you say why you are a writer?
  • [2:19] You wrote about a lot of things – why are you writing about this now?
  • [3:17] Some of the stories in the book were from the 50’s and 60’s – how did you collect these stories in such detail?
  • [4:33] So were you a Dodgers fan then?
  • [5:32] I’m going to land in a rabbit hole here – what’s your favorite baseball book?
  • [6:30] Did you write for TV at all?
  • [7:55] So who were his contemporaries in that space?
  • [9:40] My audience is basically business owners and marketers. So what do you think is the commercial application of this book?
  • [12:01] If someone came to you and asked you to list five or six keynote lessons, what would they be?
  • [15:08] Would you say that you have one or two of your favorite stories that you’ve told them a hundred times and people still want to get back to them?
  • [18:11] You mentioned Larry King many times, did he go to school with your dad?
  • [21:02] Where can people connect with you and get a copy of your book?

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