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Gene Hanson is a guest on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, Align Your LifeIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Gene Hanson. Jean is a Certified Higher Guidance Life Coach, Energy Healer and Co-Owner of Reline Your Life Wellness Center in Mesa, Arizona. Prior to that, Jean and her husband Steve owned two successful companies that helped thousands of business owners through the tools and guidance they provided to their online community. He is also the author of a new book – Trust Your Higher Guidance: Align Your Life to Manifest the Happiness and Success You Deserve

Key takeaways:

The old saying “trust your gut” refers to trusting those feelings of intuition—the rumbling in your stomach, the seemingly random chills all over your body. Your intuition is always leaving small, subtle clues, gently guiding you in the right direction. What would your life be like if you leaned into your intuition, instead of letting it pass you by? In this episode, Certified Higher Guidance Life Coach, Jeanne Hanson, joins me to talk about how leaning into her intuition ultimately connected her life to her passions and how she’s helped many others do the same.

I ask Gene Hanson the question:

  • [1:49] How has your journey as an entrepreneur been?
  • [5:50] How did you overcome the fear of leaving an industry you’ve known for 30 years to do something completely different?
  • [7:28] You share some difficult stories in your book — was it difficult to share or do you think that was part of your healing process?
  • [11:02] Was there a point where you said it was a real thing?
  • [13:49] Are the day-to-day things you’re chasing preventing you from being creative or experiencing joy in your business?
  • [15:44] What have you found to be really hard for people to overcome or the biggest thing that you think holds people back?
  • [17:22] Can you talk a little bit about some of the tools you mentioned – like the harmonic egg, the body code of your program, and the oracle card? And what does the normal path look like in the way you work with someone?
  • [18:27] I have pain in my shoulder blades which is obviously where most people bear stress or many people do. So what is part of the diagnosis process?
  • [19:19] Awareness of the connection between the mind and body has been around for hundreds of years but is becoming more mainstream. Especially how much can be cured and cured, and how many diseases are almost as we caused them – which is harsh but it’s a bit of a reality, wouldn’t you say?
  • [20:46] Are you able to work with people virtually in a coaching environment?
  • [21:12] Where can people learn more about your work, connect with you, and get a copy of your book?

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