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In this episode of Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I’m interviewing Xenia Muntean. Xenia The CEO and co-founder of Planable, a content review and marketing collaboration platform used by over 5,000 teams behind brands such as Hyundai, Christian Louboutin, Viber, and the United Nations. Before launching Planable, at the age of 20, he created a digital marketing agency and provided social leadership for clients such as Coca-Cola.

Xenia has been recognized in the Forbes 30 under 30 list and she spoke at the Cannes Lions Innovation Stage in 2018. Xenia graduated from Tim Draper’s Startup Academy in Silicon Valley, and in 2017 Textars took Planable via the London Accelerator. He also published a book – Content Marketing Teams Manifesto and launched his own podcast – Marketing Man.

Key Takeaway:

Social media today is a marketing channel that cannot be ignored. Xenia Muntean, CEO and co-founder of Planable, is tired of spending her life creating content in a spreadsheet and managing multiple social media accounts. Instead of turning his wheels in such a seemingly unproductive workflow, he decided to find and create solutions to his own problems. In this episode, I talk with Xenia about her journey to creating Planable, the platform for so many people who have tried to solve problems and the many ways you can use Planable in your content plan to increase your customer journey.

I ask Xenia Muntean the question:

  • [1:49] What was it like going through the Textars Accelerator program and how do you find it relevant to your success?
  • [2:36] Why did you create Planable?
  • [4:53] What was the hardest thing for you to find or learn about your journey along with creating a plan?
  • [6:31] What has been the most fruitful part of growing your own growing Planable?
  • [7:23] What was the biggest thing you did to launch Planable, which led to a lot of success?
  • [8:53] How was the launch with Epsomo?
  • [10:55] What are some of the problems that I saw along the planable path?
  • [14:10] What role does AI play in content planning and execution and even within the planable tool?
  • [15:46] What are some of the ways you see people using Planable for different stages of the customer journey?
  • [17:32] How do you view agencies and consultants using a tool like Planable?
  • [19:13] Where people can learn more about Planable and Do you have any offers for Duct Tape Marketing Podcast listeners?

More about Xenia Muntean:

Take Marketing Evaluation:

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