Google is a child (and we must learn to educate it)

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The Agency Spark Podcast, hosted by Sara Nair, is a collection of short-form interviews with thought leaders in the marketing consultancy and agency space. Each episode focuses on a single topic so you can apply today. Check out the new Spark Lab Consulting website here!

About this episode:

In this episode of the Agency Spark Podcast, Sarah talks to Jason Barnard about how Google is a baby and we need to learn to educate it.

Jason Barnard is an author and digital marketing consultant. He specializes in Brand SERPs (what your audience sees when they Google your brand name) and Knowledge Panels (what Google understands about who you are and what you do).

His backstory – from playing at Liverpool’s Cavern Club to playing double bass in a punk-folk group to touring Europe to working remotely on a tropical island in the Indian Ocean to playing a cartoon blue dog in a TV series.

More from Jason Barnard:

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