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In this episode of Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Tricia Sciortino. Tricia Hall CEO and board member of BELAY, co-host of One Next Step Podcast and author of Rise Up and Lead Well: How an Assistant Will Change Your Life and Maximize Your Time.

Key Takeaway:

Today is a new day and era where opportunities for distant work are endless. In this episode, I spoke with Tricia Sciortino, CEO and Board Member of BELAY, about how incredibly powerful it can be to outsource the components of your business to a virtual assistant. We are immersed in what most people do wrong when hiring virtual staff and what best practices to follow in order to work most effectively.

I ask Tricia Sciortino:

  • [1:28] How did your entrepreneurial journey look like?
  • [3:04] Do you think that your training has helped you to improve your position?
  • [3:50] Remote work has become very mainstream today, right?
  • [6:30] If someone comes to you who doesn’t want to hire a full-time employee, what are some key roles you should outsource?
  • [11:02] How do business owners balance outsourcing social media with virtual assistants?
  • [13:34] What mistakes do you see when people hire virtual staff and what are some of the best practices that bring more efficiency?
  • [17:21] How do you find the right person and dig deep enough that this person is going to do a good job for you?
  • [19:58] Do you think that when hiring an executive assistant or a virtual employee you should look for something that already has a routine and process?
  • [21:08] If anyone is interested in working with BELAY, what is the process?

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