How to connect, converse and convert through social media listening

Marketing Podcast with Brooke Selas

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Brooke Selas. Brooke Hall B is the CEO and Founder of Squared Media, an award-winning digital marketing agency focused on social media management, advertising and social-led customer care. He teaches a digital marketing course (virtually) at the University of California, Irvine. He is also the author of a new book – Conversations That Connect: How to Connect, Converse and Convert through Social Media Listening and Social-Led Customer Care.

Key takeaways:

People aren’t starved for content on social media. They are hungry for connection. If you’re thinking about social media as a destination for your marketing campaign, you’re already doing it wrong. In this episode, B Squared Media founder and author, Brooke Selas, explains how listening, sharing feelings, and giving feedback are keys to effective social media management. Brooke shares her tips for having meaningful conversations that build relationships and connect with your audience on social media.

Questions I ask Brooke Selas:

  • [1:41] How do you define social listening?
  • [2:36] What are some tools powered by machine learning and AI that exist today to help with social listening?
  • [4:01] What is social penetration theory and how should we use it?
  • [6:27] How do you balance the idea of ​​being vulnerable and showing your core, but not sharing too much or too soon?
  • [7:44] How do you get this idea into conversation among your social media team members without campaigning?
  • [9:46] What percentage of social media posts and content is total unadulterated bullshit?
  • [10:52] Is there a place for something that many people might consider a cliché post?
  • [13:25] Would you agree that if you don’t get some dissent, maybe you’re not pushing it hard enough?
  • [14:28] Is there a place for feedback under your brand umbrella?
  • [16:33] What should I post?
  • [18:29] What is social led customer care?
  • [22:11] How can I use social to build more brand relationships so people ask and look for my product when they visit retailers?
  • [23:41]How can we get our customers to create some truly authentic user-generated content for us?
  • [26:14] Where can people learn more about your book and your work?

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