How to create a culture of learning and growth

Marketing Podcast with Whitney Johnson

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Whitney Johnson. Whitney CEO of tech-enabled talent development company Disruption Advisors. He is one of the top ten business thinkers in the world as named by Thinkers50. Whitney is an expert on smart growth leadership and co-founded the Disruptive Innovation Fund with the late Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School. He is also the author of the book – Smart Growth: How to Grow Your People to Grow Your Company.

Key takeaways:

Growth is the goal. Leaders strive to help people develop their potential and become what they want to be and are capable of becoming. And as individuals grow, so do organizations. That transformation begins if you want to lead and scale an organization. In this episode, I talk with Whitney Johnson about how to grow a business — the smart way — by building a culture of learning and growth.

Questions I ask Whitney Johnson:

  • [1:26] How are you applying the S curve of learning to growth and leadership?
  • [2:48] Sometimes, there’s a point on the S curve of learning where even if it stops, it can actually nose. Is this what you see happening with personal development?
  • [4:09] I have owned my own business for 30 years. And I feel that there isn’t just an S growth curve – what’s your view on that?
  • [6:50] Would you say your book is as much about personal development as leadership development?
  • [8:14] What are some new habits or questions that people need to start asking themselves instead of just saying we’re going to do things?
  • [9:54] What advice do you have for people trying to get through long stretches where they can’t see any progress?
  • [13:25] How can a leader or someone trying to develop personally apply the ‘collect like a child’ concept from your book?
  • [15:43] Do you think the leadership part of your book might be difficult to install because of the different cultural aspects within different organizations?
  • [17:19] Your book is full of interviews – is there a story in the book that you think really nailed it?
  • [19:37] Where can people find out more about your book and your work?

More About Whitney Johnson:

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