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Marketing Podcast with Becky Blade

Becky Blades, a guest on the Duct Tape Marketing PodcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Becky Blade. Becky is an entrepreneur, writer, artist and philosopher of creative, adventurous living. Since selling her first company, an award-winning public relations agency, Becky has studied what she has created “stARTistry,” the art of creative enterprise. He is also the author of a book – Start more than you can finish: a creative permission slip to unleash your best ideas.

Key takeaways:

Becky Blades offers a powerful new mindset: working with more ideas makes us happier – and unleashes our highest creativity. For those of us who are entrepreneurs who may feel like our plates are already full, this idea of ​​starting more than you can finish can seem counterintuitive. However, Becky shares her process for mastering the art of startups to help you unleash your best ideas and create more.

Questions I ask Becky Blade:

  • [1:41] You have a person out there who thinks that’s a terrible title for a book because it’s kind of antithetical, right – are you getting the same pushback from people?
  • [3:02] Is there any danger in constantly treading water on so many things at once?
  • [5:43] What does the term “stARTistry” mean?
  • [7:51] You’re a creative person, and you’ve also raised a couple of really creative kids – want to brag about them for a moment?
  • [9:17] Creative people are perhaps more guilty of starting something they don’t finish – what would you say to someone who doesn’t see themselves as creative?
  • [13:19] What things stop people from taking action or starting?
  • [15:24] Many entrepreneurs will say that they are too busy to start new things – how do you decide what is really an obstacle?
  • [18:20] What are some of your exercises to get out of that bubble?
  • [20:19] Can you talk a little about how we should practice?
  • [21:57] Where can people connect with you and get a copy of your book?

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