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In this episode of Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I’m interviewing Stu Heinek. Stew Hall A bestselling business writer, marketer, and The Wall Street Journal Cartoonist his first book, How to Meet Anyone, Introduced the concept of contact marketing and has been named one of the 64 best-selling books of all time. His latest release, How to grow your business like a weed, Builds a complete model for explosive business growth, based on the techniques, qualities and tools that weeds use to grow, expand, dominate and protect their land. He is a twice-nominated Hall of Fame Marketer, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center Writer-in-Residence, and has been dubbed the “Father of Contact Marketing” by the American Marketing Association. He lives on a beautiful island in Puget Sound, Washington.

Key Takeaway:

Anyone can grow their business into something resilient and irresistible – just like weeds. In this episode, best-selling author, Stu Heineke, shares his model for business growth using successful strategies that common weeds use to spread and enrich in almost any situation. We dive into weed-based features that you can use to get things done quickly and efficiently and increase your market share, uniqueness and customer base.

Questions I ask Stu Heineke:

  • [1:46] Why did you want to use a weed analogy and what were your thoughts behind it?
  • [3:14] Why is a weed different from an award-winning flower?
  • [4:27] The main reason for using the weed metaphor is to tap into what you call the weed mentality – can you unpack that idea for us?
  • [5:32] What are the unfair advantages that this weed mentality gives a business?
  • [7:39] Can you break the weed model for us?
  • [14:17] How do you take this model to the next level and take your business to the next level?
  • [17:41] How do you win a weed prize?
  • [19:27] Where can people buy your books and learn more about your work?

More about Stu Heinecke:

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