How to Use Marketing Automation to Your Advantage

Marketing Podcast with Chase Buckner

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Chase Buckner. pursuit Director of Marketing at HighLevel, the universal, white-label sales and marketing platform for agencies. Prior to joining the team at HighLevel, Chase and a partner built a full-service company from scratch that reached over 7 figures in ARR.

Questions I ask Chase Buckner:

  • [1:32] What are some of the best ways you see us using the automation technology available to us?
  • [3:24] How are business owners overwhelmed with communication channels today?
  • [5:07] How do we use AI without making it feel robotic?
  • [6:56] What advantages do businesses have that respond immediately or at least very quickly?
  • [8:37] I’d suggest that SMS has indeed become the preferred method of communication for a very large segment of the market, and if we don’t see it as a primary channel, we’re probably missing out. What do you call that thought?
  • [12:35] How are agencies really finding and differentiating themselves today?
  • [14:32] If I adopt the SaaS model as an agency – do I now have to have a support department for the clients I bring in?
  • [16:35] How can people think about automated ways to scale?
  • [22:32] Where can people learn about HighLevel and the work you do?

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