Marketing’s 5 Steps to Customer Success Track

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John Zants, host of the Duct Tape Marketing PodcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I’m doing a solo show, and I’m going to talk about something that I’ve been talking about a lot lately called the Customer Success Track.

Key takeaways:

After working with many small businesses and clients over the past 30+ years, I have come to understand that there are five stages of marketing that many businesses go through. I was able to identify the milestones that the business needed to move customers or clients and consequently the tasks associated with each of those milestones.

I’ve mapped this to what I call the Customer Success Track – a concept I talk about in depth in my latest book – The Ultimate Marketing Engine. In this episode, I discuss the five steps of the customer success track—foundation, level up, organize, stabilize, and scale—and how to move a customer or client through the five steps over the long term. Business relationship.

Topics I cover:

  • [1:28] What is customer success tracking?
  • [1:41] Stage 1: Foundations
  • [7:46] Stage 2: Level up
  • [11:36] Step 3: Organize
  • [14:23] Step 4: Stabilize
  • [18:36] Step 5: Scale

Resources I mentioned:

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