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The Marketing Podcast with Ben Congleton

Ben Congleton, guest on the Duct Tape Marketing PodcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Ben Congleton. Ben is Chief Executive Olark (CEO) and co-founder of Olark Live Chat. Over the past 13 years, he has helped thousands of organizations communicate with their website visitors, including many small businesses.

Key takeaways:

How can you effectively serve your customers? How can you wow them? How can you show them that you actually care? Real-time communication. Website live chat has evolved an incredible amount since its inception. In this episode, Olark CEO and Co-Founder, Ben Congleton, talks about building Olark and how they set themselves apart in such a competitive industry.

I ask Ben Congleton:

  • [1:21] Would you say Olark was really early in the live chat space?
  • [1:51] What did you do in your previous life that made you want to start a chatbot company?
  • [3:27] What was startup life like in 2008?
  • [5:16] What was the point where you started saying, “I think this will work”?
  • [7:22] How has chat evolved from a consumer behavior perspective?
  • [11:49] What is AI doing in the live chat space?
  • [14:38] I’ve noticed that a lot of chat-related companies are really focused on driving people to SMS/text – where do you stand?
  • [18:02] What role does a chat play for someone who may have visual or hearing impairments that may not make the traditional web navigable?
  • [20:15] You’ve hinted at some of the things you’re working on – what’s coming down the pipeline on the roadmap?
  • [23:09] Where can people connect with you?

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