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In this episode of Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I’m interviewing Todd Kochran. Todd is the CEO of Bluebury Podcasting – a podcast media company representing 105,000 audio and video podcasters where his company provides advertising opportunities, media distribution / hosting, podcast media statistics and other services. He is a podcast advertising specialist, and he founded the Tech Podcast Network in 2004.

Key Takeaway:

The podcasting and podcast industry has changed in many ways over the years, such as the way podcasts are created, just a few examples of how easily accessible your own start-up is and how podcast monetization works today. In this episode, I talk with Todd Kochran, CEO of Podcast Media Company Bluebury, about how podcast and audio content has changed over the years and where it stands today.

Questions I ask Todd Kochran:

  • [2:07] Which show are you hosting today?
  • [2:54] What does the podcast media company look like today, and what was your idea for starting it?
  • [4:32] Was this the initial vision to make it easier to syndicate those shows?
  • [5:48] Do you think that podcasting is the most popular form of advertising today?
  • [7:06] Would you say that we’ve almost reached a point where we need to redefine what our podcasts are?
  • [8:09] What is the difference between audio and video and what do you think people use the most today?
  • [12:02] What are your current feelings about the technology you’re using?
  • [15:48] Can you tell us a little bit about the opportunities you feel with this form of advertising?
  • [19:01] Do you think that podcasting is moving towards subscription and paying for content like any other medium?
  • [20:55] Is there something coming up for Blueberry that people still don’t know?

More about Todd Kochran:

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