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A guest on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is Dr. Mindy WeinsteinIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Mindy Weinstein. Dr. Weinstein A leading expert in digital marketing and named one of the top women in the industry globally. He is the founder of digital marketing firm Market Mindshift.

Questions I ask Dr. Mindy Weinstein:

  • [1:11] You start the book with scarcity as an influence – can you unpack that idea?
  • [3:18] How do you deal with the idea that influence is sometimes used in a negative way?
  • [4:59] We are often more afraid of what we might lose than what we might gain — how does this drive the concept of scarcity?
  • [8:05] What are some examples of good and bad strategies of scarcity?
  • [13:03] As a consumer, is there a way to avoid creating the emotion that comes from experiencing FOMO?
  • [15:17] Is there a risk of people being so sick of the scarcity strategy that it tarnishes the brand?
  • [16:52] How do you use scarcity as a differentiator without turning off your true fans?
  • [20:01] Where can people connect with you and pick up a copy of The Power of Scarcity?

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