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We have heard from many small business owners in response to our video series Grit and greenlights: Small Business Story with Matthew McConnell.

From team empowerment to coward struggles, these are some of the stories you share.

On what it takes

Running a business requires “grace and perseverance,” he says Kiss sweet dessert Owner Karen Collins.

“Starting a company and navigating through storms, droughts, highs and lows, going through it over and over again day after day, and still wanting to get back to work every morning, is true of owning a company.”

On the passion of starting a business

Susie and Rob Broccato left their careers in the finance industry for their passion and initiation The perfume is yoursCreate a make-your-own signature candle and scent company in Geneva, Vermont.

“Our dream was to start our own business and use our experience and knowledge to create a culture, environment and experience that both employees and customers want to be a part of,” Robb said. “Our business idea comes from our passion to shop together as a couple. When we bring items home and display them in our home, we often feel that what we want is not what we want and that it doesn’t look or feel like our expectations. “

The lack of customizable home decor gave way to the “greenlight moment” that gave birth to their concept.

“While some people make candles outside of their home, why not create a business where you can create candles and other perfume products in a fun, comfortable environment with a unique, one-of-a-kind experience?” Rob. “We’ve spent countless hours researching distributors and suppliers, and we’ve made candles in our basements. Through all of this, our passion and excitement for our unique business opportunity has grown stronger. ”

On the Kovid struggle

Rob and Susie share their experiences with Scentcerely Yours Pivoting to work in the midst of the epidemic.

“When Kovid hit, it had a devastating effect on all aspects of the economy and business,” Robb said. “We had to close our doors for about three months, leaving our business only for e-commerce and online ordering. We take this opportunity to renew and enhance our online experience. Since we launched our new and improved website, we’ve seen significant growth in our online business. ”

Robb adds that re-focusing their energy on helping other businesses is another successful move.

“We have focused our time on our wholesale business by reaching out to our business partners on how we can help them,” he said. “Realizing that we’re facing the same challenge for all businesses, we’ve come up with the idea to create a custom fragrance for these businesses that they can sell online to generate sales when they close their business.”

“Many of our partners have praised us for actively reaching out to them to think creatively about how we can help them. During this time we’ve been able to win some new business as well as strengthen our relationships with some of our existing wholesale customers.”

About team building

Persnickety print Founder Charlie Pack not only wants to give family members a great way to preserve their memories through photos, but he also believes that his low turnover rate is due to his employees behaving like his own family members.

“We really focus on culture and create a family and a purpose,” he said. “We’re printing pictures of people and sending them around the world, and it’s an emotional work. It really gives our young staff a sense of purpose that they are doing something good in the world. ”

Chari mentions that listening to your team goes a long way, and she does so through anonymous surveys of their values.

“I really feel that it is important for every employee to learn what is valuable and to try to give them value in the workplace. I have overseers over their own team and I tell them to really understand their staff, what they value and how we can provide a sense of satisfaction and meet their needs. “

On standing outside

When Guys square pie Co-owners Mark Shechter and Danny Staller set out to deliver pizza to San Francisco residents, knowing they needed a unique spin to stand out among other restaurants in a competitive market.

“Most successful pizza businesses in San Francisco have a very similar style of pizza, the style in which I was initially trained,” said Danny. “But I’m a Pizza Nord and I follow the trend and see that Pan Square Pizza is really about to close. It’s good to market first on a big metro, and our strategic move has worked well. ”

How customers behave

Jesse Morse off Who is the securityOwner Kerry Gunter, a first aid and safety business in Cedar City Utah, shares his dedication to being honest and fair with his customers.

“Kerry is a firm believer in treating every customer like a family. When we get a price break from the seller, he gives that break to our customers, ”said Jesse. “He believes in being honest and fair, knows all of them by name and takes real care of them and their families.”

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