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In this episode of Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I’m interviewing Cameron Harold. Cameron T.He is the founder of the COO Alliance, the world’s leading network for second-in-command. He hosts Second in Command: The Chief Behind the Chief Podcast, where he interviews the COO and other seconds to share his insights with his audience. He also tHe is the author of 5 books, a top-rated international speaker and has spoken on 7 continents.

Key Takeaway:

The Chief Operating Officer is the CEO’s second command – the person who should run the business. In this episode, the founder of the COO Alliance, Cameron Herald, talks about exactly what a COO’s role looks like, how that role shifts and changes from organization to organization, and how having a COO can accelerate your organization’s growth.

The questions I ask Cameron Harold:

  • [2:27] Are there any things that really stuck with you in the first days of the operation?
  • [3:38] How would you define a job title COO?
  • [5:02] How do COOs or second-in-command direct themselves to larger companies?
  • [6:55] How would you describe second-in-command in a smaller, more clever organization that doesn’t have that huge C-suite?
  • [8:20] Need to think about a company that decides they need a COO?
  • [10:56] Have you ever faced a situation where people have come to you with the idea that they have outsourced their CEO?
  • [12:07] Is it possible to flatten a COO that they think they have grown?
  • [13:34] Is it just a matter of finding someone else who was in that role before or is it a completely different skill or personality?
  • [14:38] How much work instruction, structure, creation or culture?
  • [15:35] For someone looking for a COO role or looking to replace someone, do you find that some common mistakes are cropped?
  • [17:01] Are you saying that a CEO should look for someone who has a CEO weakness?
  • [18:06] Tell me a little bit about the COO Alliance and what anyone would expect if they came to see it.
  • [19:12] Do you think that you are giving some modern look to the role of COO in general?
  • [20:11] Tell us a little about the ways in which people can engage with your organization
  • [21:18] Where can people learn more?

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