Weekend faves – Hypotensive AI, Steak and Right Buyer

My weekend blog post routine consists of posting a few tools or links to great content that I covered during the week.

  • streak – A CRM platform built directly inside Gmail that lets you manage any workflow from your inbox. From sending personalized emails to tracking leads to accessing information about pipelines, contacts and tasks directly from Gmail.
  • The right buyer An AI-powered business search engine that helps you find your perfect customer, hire or partner in seconds. Just type in what you need, and the tool will filter through certifications, interests, job descriptions, technical sophistication, and 90,000+ attributes of top companies and professionals.
  • AI Karna – An AI writer that helps you write marketing content in seconds. Just provide a few keywords, and Hypotenuse will instantly turn them into blog posts, product descriptions, or marketing materials so you can free up your team or focus on more creative tasks. Copy is always realistic and fluent.

These are my weekend favorites; I’d love to hear about some of yours – tweet me @ducttape

If you want to see more weekend picks, you can find them here.

Right Buyer, Hypotenuse AI, Steak

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