Weekend Favorites – DALL·E 2, FaceSwapper, 3veta

My weekend blog post routine consists of posting a few tools or links to great content that I came across during the week.

I won’t go into depth about the quests, but I encourage you to check them out if you find them interesting The post photo is a favorite for the week from an online source or one I picked up on the street

  • DALL·E 2 – An AI-based tool that creates images based on the text you describe. You can create images from an idea or a scene such as: “A doctor walking on the moon in a photorealistic style.” Just feed the Dall-E 2 a description, and it gives you a custom image in minutes.
  • Face Swapper – Face Swapper uses AI to automatically detect faces in photos and replace them with other faces of your choice. To replace the faces, you can use your own photo or images from their gallery.
  • 3veta – People spend about 2.5 hours per week scheduling and coordinating meetings. 3veta is a solution that helps automate that tedious process. You can easily view your team’s availability, create and update calendar events, send automatic email reminders, and reschedule meetings with just a few clicks.

These are my weekend favorites; I’d love to hear about some of yours – tweet me @ducttape

If you want to see more weekend picks, you can find them here.

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