Why being superbold is the key to unlocking your best life

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Agency Spark Podcast, hosted by Sarah Nair, is a collection of short interviews with marketing consultancy and thought leaders in the agency space.

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About this episode:

In this episode of the agency Spark podcast, Sarah talks to Fred Jayal about why being superbold is the key to unlocking your best life.

Fred Jayal is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur and business consultant. He co-founded the country’s most successful dentist referral service, 1-800-DENTIST.

He has previously written two books on marketing, starring in standup and improv comedy, starring in bad movies and excellent TV commercials. Her latest book, Superbold: Charismatic in 90 Days from Under-Confident, is an Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestseller.

He once defeated Sir Richard Branson in chess and also questioned the risk. He is an avid cyclist, a low-average tennis player and worse golfer. He lives in Los Angeles.

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