Why call tracking metrics are important for your marketing efforts

Marketing podcast with Todd and Lor Fisher

In this episode of Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Todd and Lor Fisher. Husband and wife co-founders, Todd and Lor Fisher, founded CallTrackingMetrics in their basement in 2011 and together they call it an Inc. 500-rated, top-ranked conversation analytics software serves more than 30,000 businesses worldwide.

Key Takeaway:

Today, it seems like a never ending list of channels and your customers can communicate with you and your business. We often hear from small businesses that their marketing works, they don’t know any part. And because of this, many businesses waste their time turning their wheels on channels that do not bring their business.

In this episode, I chatted with Todd and Lore Fisher, husband and wife co-founders of CallTrackingMetrics, about why CallTrackingMetrics is important to your marketing efforts and how you can use it today to double what works for your business.

I ask Todd and Lor Fisher questions:

  • [1:41] What took you where we are today?
  • [2:15] How did the idea of ​​creating a company come about?
  • [4:02] What is call tracking and how do marketers use it today?
  • [7:08] What are some of the best uses for different touchpoints with prospects and customers?
  • [11:26] The digital world is coming under a lot of scrutiny – so how do you prepare for it from a customer tracking perspective?
  • [14:02] Does your tool provide things like HIPAA compliance that are clearly in the medical area?
  • [14:35] How will call tracking play in personal segmentation?
  • [16:03] Do you think that being able to identify someone as a customer or someone who is not a customer could trigger different behaviors?
  • [17:12] If someone compares you to another call tracking player, how do you say call tracking metrics are different?
  • [18:27] How does a call tracking tool work in SMS marketing?
  • [19:49] Can you tell us more about CallTrackingMetrics?

More about Todd and Lor Fisher:

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