Why great leadership starts with an open mind conversation

Marketing Podcast with Edward Sullivan

In this episode of Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Edward Sullivan. Edward The start-up founder has been coaching and advising Fortune 10 executives and heads of state for over 15 years. Its clients include executives at Google, Salesforce, Slack and dozens of other fast-growing companies. He has an MBA from Wharton and an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School. Edward is the CEO and President of the renowned Executive Coaching Consultancy, Velocity. She is also launching a new book on June 21, 2022, entitled – Leading with Heart: 5 Conversations that unlock creativity, purpose and results.

Key Takeaway:

At the moment, workplaces are struggling to build high morale and a connected culture. How do you hold and inspire your team? By leading with heart and spreading authentic conversation.

After thousands of hours of interviews and coaching sessions with leaders of many of the world’s most famous firms, authors John Baird and Edward Sullivan found that top leaders did not adhere to common formulas and performance hacks. Instead, they discover that these leaders help people unlock their creativity, purpose, and outcomes through conversations that make them feel productive, secure, and appreciated. In this episode, I talk with Edward Sullivan about why great leadership begins with an open-minded conversation.

I ask Edward Sullivan:

  • [1:33] What is the opposite of leadership with heart?
  • [1:53] How many people have been taught or led by ego?
  • [2:40] What does it take to call someone a leader?
  • [3:58] You’ve done some pretty extensive research to come to the conclusion in your new book – can you explain your research process?
  • [5:24] Would you say that the great resignation is a bit of a complaint on leadership?
  • [7:23] Being a leader is challenging until you clean your own house, and I think it starts with self-awareness – do you agree with that and if so, how do you balance it?
  • [9:14] What are the five questions you talked about in the book?
  • [10:31] How do you get started with this open culture if it already exists?
  • [11:51] Is there a method in the setting that you talk about these questions that works better in the workplace?
  • [13:13] How do we actually help people understand what their needs are and what their fears are?
  • [14:20] How can you bring this work into an organization before asking for a new hire?
  • [16:03] This task is more than five conversations, it’s a consistent task every day – can you tell us a little bit about the tools you give people inside your organization to help you with this?
  • [17:57] What is the balance between using the framework and being able to use it properly?
  • [20:29] Can you repair the faith?
  • [21:19] Where can people find out about your work?

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