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Marketing podcast with Melissa Cowan

In this episode of Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Melissa Cowan. Melissa’s CEO and co-founder Web Seminar. She Has spent twelve years in startups and has built three successful companies without venture capital backing. Its previous startup, a real estate technology company, was acquired in 2019. As a revenue-driven founder specializing in sales and business development, Melissa has learned how to build a company with very little resources – automating what she can, outsourcing wherever possible and joining her team with a focus and enthusiasm to share talented people. Inspires 6

Key Takeaway:

They have had webinars in various formats over the years. The rise of on-demand webinars has occurred over the last ten years. Many webinar platforms are not designed with the customer in mind at first. Melissa Cowan went out to solve a problem in the market that she herself faced. eWebinar is designed to provide a professional, authentic experience that helps engage and delight visitors. In this episode, I will talk with Melissa about her entrepreneurial journey and the problems that e-webinars started to solve.

I ask Melissa Cowan:

  • [1:38] How did your entrepreneurial journey get you here?
  • [2:32] What is a webinar?
  • [3:35] How is this platform different from other options?
  • [6:11] Did you decide at the outset that you wanted to avoid being deceived?
  • [16:42] Are you an engineer or a programmer yourself?
  • [17:06] What has been the hardest part from a technical point of view?
  • [18:37] What are your most requested new features?
  • [19:47] What is the company’s vision for three years from now?
  • [22:06] Where can more people learn about eWebinar and connect with you?

More about Melissa Cowan:

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